Our Positions

  • Restrictive EU migration policies force desperate people to take deadly routes

    Brussels, 8 June 2016 - While interior ministers meet tomorrow to discuss EU migration policies, people trying to reach the safety of Europe continue to die en route. Caritas Europa and Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Europe calls on European leaders to alter its restrictive approach to migration. Policies focused on deterrence, including the (…)
  • Our position - detailed

    Since its creation, JRS Belgium has carried out weekly visits to the closed centres where foreigners, without legal residency, are detained before they are removed to their country of origin. The experience gained over the years is shared with the JRS Europe with the aim of collaboration with other countries of the European Union and within the (…)
  • In Short: The Positions of JRS Belgium

    We are against the systematic detention of people seeking asylum and protection in Belgium. Detention is only acceptable as a measure of last resort, in the absence of any other possible measures. No asylum seekers shall be detained; We firmly oppose the detention of under-aged children, in view of the disastrous, sometimes irreversible (…)