JRS-B is funded by the two Belgian Jesuit provinces on a structural basis. This, however, does not allow us to cover the ever increasing needs, with which we are confronted, and to develop new projects that are much needed the current moments of crisis.

Your donation can make a difference ! It gives hope to the refugees and forced migrants that we meet. It is a sign of your support of the JRS in its mission, and allows us to carry out our fieldwork in a professional manner.

To support our projects, please make your donation to the Triodos account of JRS BELGIUM :

IBAN : BE40 5230 8069 3163

If you would like to receive a tax certificate (for a minimum donation of €40), please use the Caritas International account, with the mention “P168JRS” for the refugee service or “P168CoH” to support our new hospitality project.

IBAN  : BE88 0000 0000 4141

If you to make a will or a donation, do not hesitate to contact our Director Baudouin Van Overstraeten at

Thank you for your support !