New translation: Nos valeurs

The mission of the JRS is based on the belief that God is present in human history, even in the darkest moments. We are inspired by this trust and the key values underlying our work. Which are they?

Commiseration encourages us to relieve the suffering of our neighbour. The JRS conceives its missions through the necessity to treat others with justice, love and respect, just as we would like to be treated and as we would like others to treat us.

The JRS wants to give hope to refugees and forced migrants. We offer a practical and spiritual response to their desperate situation.

The JRS believes in the intrinsic value of every individual. In our contacts with refugees and other displaced people, race, gender, religion or politics do not affect our work and the service we offer.

The JRS is a service organized by the Jesuit Community. The JRS implements the Community’s mission for confidence and justice through a humble and respectful willingness to help in solidarity with refugees of different cultures, nationalities and religions.

The JRS aims for hospitality in action. We walk along with those who live on the fringe of humanity, we accompany them, and we offer hospitality to the most vulnerable. We give priority to those in dire need in places where individual well-being should be universal, as well as to those needs that are ignored by others.


The JRS takes a stand for justice so as to give refugees “their own voice” back. We work together with them to challenge systems that fail to recognize human rights.


The subsidiarity principle highly matters to the JRS. We want to openly assume full responsibility for our work and show full transparency in our internal decision-making. We are building partnerships with other religious congregations, with humanitarian organizations, as well as directly with refugees. We encourage people to share responsibility, apply distinction and participate in the decision-making process.

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