Where are they located?

The return houses are grouped in 5 locations all around Belgium, with 6 to 7 return houses each. So far, JRS-B is the only NGO to regularly visit them.

The return houses are located in :

  • Beauvechain
  • Sint-Gillis-Waas
  • Tielt,
  • Tubize,
  • Zulte.

Each return house is managed by a team of two people (a coach and an assistant), employed by the Alien Office (Office des Etrangers).

The personnel in the return houses :

  • Follow up on the ongoing administrative procedures of the families;
  • Explain the code of conduct and the rules of they need to follow;
  • Take care of the basic needs of the family;
  • Provide information about the rights and duties of the families;
  • Are at their disposal for any questions and remarks.

The function of the coaches is ambivalent, they represent the authority that took the detention decision and is in charge of organising the practical aspects of the return procedure. At the same time, his role is to accompany the families.